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Yamaha F20SMHB 4 Stroke 20HP

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The new F20 delivers fast acceleration and enhanced boat performance under load, so when it’s time to hit the water, you won’t have to leave anything (or anyone) behind. The variable trolling rpm switch makes the F20 the perfect fishing companion, while the easy to use fresh water flush attachment makes the engine a breeze to clean at the end of the day. Built-in ergonomic carry handles and two-position resting pads make it easy to remove and store the F20.

F20SMHB - Manual Start, Tiller Handle, Transom height - Standard


  • Enhanced Acceleration and Performance Under Load
  • Single Overhead Camshaft
  • Battery-less Electronic Fuel Injection
  • Wide-Span Mounting System


  • CDI Microcomputer
  • Wet Sump Lubrication
  • Engine Warning System
  • Mechanical Single Throttle Valve Intake System
  • SST Drive, Prop, Shift Shafts
  • SST Steering Tube
  • Magnetic Drain Plug
  • Sacrificial Anodes
  • YDC-30 Aluminum Alloy
  • Phaze FiveTM Paint System
  • Electro-deposited Powerhead Paint Process


  • High-Output (16-Amp) Alternator
  • Electric and Pull-Start Available Together (some models)
  • Retrofit Electric Start Available
  • 45-Degree Steering in both Directions
  • Built-In Resting Pads and Carry Handles
  • Variable Trolling RPM Switch (VTS®)
  • Freshwater Flush
  • Spin-on Oil Filter
  • Offset Steering Friction Lever
  • Auto Decompression Device
  • Vibration Reduction Mounting System
  • C.A.R.B. Ultra Low Emissions 3 Star Rating
  • External Oil Drain Plug



Engine Type Two-cylinder, In-line
Displacement 432 cc
Bore x Stroke 65 x 65.1 mm
Full Throttle RPM Range 5000 – 6000
Variable Trolling RPM Range 750–1050 rpm
750–1050 rpm 900 rpm
Horsepower Rating at Propshaft 20 hp at 5500 rpm
Compression Ratio 9.3:1
Fuel Induction/Scavenging SOHC, 2 valves per cylinder
Alternator Output 16 amp
Starting Method Manual
Ignition CDI Microcomputer
Lubrication Wet Sump
Degree of Trim 4 positions (manual operation)
Degree of Tilt -4 through +62˚ (manual tilt)
Exhaust Through Propeller
Cooling Water, Thermostatic Control


Gear Shift F-N-R (Forward-Neutral-Reverse)
Gear Ratio 2.08:1

Data sheet

Shaft Length
20 HP

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